Robert Lynn Horne, MD                Psychiatric Physician    


Medical Staff Positions

Administrative Appointments

1980-1986        Director, Eating Disorders Program, Carrier Foundation

                         See The Thin Line

1986-1991        Director, Eating Disorders Program and Behavioral Medicine

                         Program, Montevista Hospital

1991-2004        Medical Director, Department of Psychiatry, Lake Mead Hospital

1991-2004        Director, Eating Disorders Program, Lake Mead Hospital

1994-1996        Director of Research and Outcome Studies, Montevista Hospital

1996-2004        Director, Alcohol and Chemical Dependence Program,

                             Lake Mead Hospital

2005-2007        Medical Director, Red Rock Geriatric Behavioral Health Hospital

Hospital and Staff Appointments

1978-1979        Staff Psychiatrist, Geriatric Program, PATH CMHC

1979-1981        Research Psychiatrist, Carrier Foundation

1979-1986        Staff Psychiatrist, Carrier Foundation

1986-Present    Staff Psychiatrist, Montevista Hospital

1986-2007        Medical Staff, University Hospital

1987-1996        Medical Staff, St. Rose Dominican Hospital

1987-Present    Medical Staff, Valley Hospital

1988-Present    Medical Staff, Sunrise Hospital

1990-1994        Medical Staff, Women’s Hospital

1991-2004        Medical Staff, Lake Mead Hospital

2005-Present    Medical Staff, Red Rock Behavioral Health Hospital

Medical Staff Elected Positions

1988-1989        Vice-Chief of Staff, Montevista Hospital

1989-1991        Chief of Staff, Montevista Hospital

1992-1995        Vice-Chief of Staff, Montevista Hospital

2006-2007        Chief of Staff, Red Rock Hospital